Openskies Flight Passport


Identity and Authentication for Unmanned Aviation

This is a production instance of Flight Passport. Flight Passport is a OAUTH / OpenID Connect server used to authenticate and issue credentials in the form of JWT tokens to access different U-Space / UTM services.


The upcoming U-Space and UTM ecosystem and the associated standards, use JWT Tokens and OAUTH 2.0 technology to authenticate users and services. This is a open-source implementation of OAUTH 2.0 server built specifically for UTM / U-Space. It supports the Client Credentials flow for Machine to Machine interactions and the Authorization Code flow for cases where an individual / person is associated via the Open ID connect standard. In addition, it supports most existing Identity and Authentication platforms if you want to link it to them.

What can I do with a Token?

Javascript Web Tokens (JWT) is the technology that is used as a mechanism for exchanging credentials across U-Space / UTM. Using a JWT token issued by this server, you can connect to for example, a DSS instance, use it for applications like Flight Spotlight, Flight Blender, DSS and across many other applications and serivice providers for UTM and U-Space. Importantly, you can self-host this software to issue your own tokens securely and conduct analysis against it.

Self-hosting / Get Involved

Want to host your own OAUTH server? Please fill in the form at our homepage and we can help you get setup to host it for your organization. You can also open issues on this repository, review the README document, make comments at open issues to look at the current work in progress.

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